Huntington Mechanical labs

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Huntington Mechanical Labs is an OEM manufacturer of metal components located in California, USA. Primary focus is in the field of high and ultra-high vacuum apparatus for the research and development disciplines as well as semiconductor, medical and other practical applications. Huntington’s product line includes industry standard devices and components as well as custom designed and machined products..



  • Flanges, fittings, multi-port & adapters.
  • Viewports, doors, shutters& adapters.
  • Vacuum valves.  
  • Motion feedthroughs.
  • Manipulators &stages.
  • Flanged feedthroughs.
  • Vacuum chambers, collars, baseplates &system integration.


For more information contact:

 AB-AD tech&eng ltd   arie abraham  052-2735412  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.