Simpson Test Equipment

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Simpson's test instruments are designed to be used by professionals. They deliver hours of dependable use, with less time spent for calibration and repair. Simpson test instruments are built to last. With high quality components, built-in electrical overload protection systems, and rugged construction, Simpson products withstand tough day-to- day usage. Simpson Electric is recognized for it's 260 analog test instrument.



  • Model 160 analog mustimeter
  • 260-6XLM & 260-6LPM low ohm VOM mustimeter
  • 260-8 & 260- 8P analog VOM
  • 270-5 & 2705RT extra high accuracy VOM


Sound and noise instruments/systems:

  • Model 897 sound dosimter SMS-2 kit
  • 884-2 & 886-2 sound level meters
  • 890-2 & 887-2 calibrators.


Special test equipment:

  • 228 ac/dc leakage current tester
  • 372-3 Ohmmeter
  • 444-2 micro ohmmeter
  • 505 high voltage insulation tester
  • 229-2 Ac leakage current tester


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