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ETS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrostatic measuring, monitoring, test and simulation equipment.  From automotive to semiconductor applications, users in need of reliable, precise, accurate electrostatic measurements turn to ETS.

Whether analyzing for development, qualification, quality control, or certification of individual products (or even whole facilities), ETS instruments make it possible to characterize a wide range of electrostatic qualities.  We enable measurement of virtually any surface state, shape, or size; with this industry-leading range of capabilities, the list of applications we fit is a long one. Examples of electrostatic problems we commonly address include:

  • Providing electrostatic measurements with reliable precision and accuracy;
  • Ensuring products meet industry specifications;
  • Evaluating material formulations during product development and testing;
  • Enabling comprehensive analysis of raw materials and finished parts; and
  • Comparing product performance to other competing products.



  • Firing test system
  • Electrostatic discharge simulator
  • Wide range resistance meter and kit
  • Liquid powder volume resistivity test cells.
  • Static decay analyzer
  • High voltage measurenmt


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