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OME-TOP SYSTEMS CO., LTD. established in 1994 as a leading developer of non-destructive testing for the semiconductor and biotechnology industries. Domestic and overseas specialists in the field of optical instruments joined the company since establishment. 

From the productions of optical lenses to the design and OEM of optical instruments, company staff is consistent with the needs of customers domestic and worldwide. Company products include a variety of microscopes, industrial video borescopes, wireless borescopes, articulating borescopes and the 3D Video Precision Measuring System, measurement software, industrial laparoscopes, the nail fold microcirculation viewer, and other related apparatus.



  • Borescope, Endoscope, Videoscope 
  • Stereo Microscope 
  • Multi-viewing Microscope 
  • Digital microscope 
  • Electronic Eyepices Microscope Camera 
  • 3D Video measuring system
  • Metallurgical Microscope 
  • Comparison microscope


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