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ACO Pacific, Inc. is an internationally known manufacturer and supplier of measurement microphones and microphone systems, Industrial and community sound (noise) level alarm and monitoring systems, Calibrators, sound intensity probes, acoustical/EMI isolators, and noise generators.




The NetSLARM™ 

Family of (Sound Level Alarms) monitor the sound levels in our environment and warn you of excessive and/or potentially dangerous noise pollution. They provide wired and wireless alarm and data capabilities and where developed in response to an increased emphasis on hearing conservation.



  • Powered Sound Intensity Survey System including sensitivity matched 7052E capsules
  • Phantom Powered Measurement Microphone Packages
  • Compliant Measurement Microphone System .
  • Phantom Powered Measurement Microphone Packages
  • 7020 Special Low Noise (<2dB) 1 inch Capsule



Phantom Powered Mic Preamp   Preamp with 7 Pin Lemo 1B Male mount (special order), Preamp with 5 Pin XLR Male mount (special order) ,  Low Profile Right Angle 4012 Preamp, Low Profile Right Angle 4212


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