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Radosys ltd is an Hungarian production company dedicated for development and manufacturing dosimeter systems based on PADC etched-track technology. Traditionally their products where dedicated to the Radon test applications by PADC etched-track metrology.
The radon test system was launched in 1999 and in the meantime more than 120 systems have been installed worldwide in Europe, japan, North America and Asia ,  middle east and Israel to private customers, radon test services provider companies, universities and government organizations are their regular customers.


Main products:

  • Radiometer 2000
  • Radiometer DH
  • Corresponding etching unit for both is: RadoBath RSB4 . Automatic detector processing appliance


Nano Reader:
Nanoreade system etching unit is NanoBath. Automatic detector processing appliance.



  • RSKS radon detector for indoor use
  • RADUET combined radon thoron detection
  • RSGS. Radon detector for indoor radon test
  • RSFV radon detector with wide range detection



  • RSNS Badge for fast neutron
  • RSCN neutron detector chip.
  • RSB1 Slide for Micronucleus.
  • RSP4 unit for fast neutron, thermal N and Micronucleus.
  • RM series sw for radon and thoron
  • TA series sw for fast neutron and thermal N.
  • DMU series sw for radon, thoron, fast neutron and thermal N.
  • MN series sw for Micronucleus.
  • NANO series sw for radon, thoron, fast neutron and thermal N


For more information contact:

AB-AD tech&eng ltd   arie abraham  052-2735412  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.